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Help us in consolidating our 30-years Vision of future Intelligent Roads

The INTRO project aims at demonstrating how safety, capacity, road operation and maintenance problems can be alleviated by the use of existing and future sensor, communication and processing technologies in a harmonised way, to create and add “intelligence” to road networks.
Within this R&D activity a specific task was to develop a consolidated overview of the visions of the future with respect to use of the road transport systems and with specific relevance to Intelligent Roads.  Numerous response to this questionnaire will help us in consolidating the Vision developed with the INTRO Consortium.

Advice: the questions cover wishes (= vision), and not necessarily opinions; it is not necessary to fill in all questions/sections ("as you like" or "as you think you are competent")
Average Time to fill in the questionnaire: approximately 30 minutes

For further informations : isabelle.lucchini@fehrl.orgx.cocu@brrc.be

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