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Intelligent Roads
INTRO is a research project supported by the European Commission with the aim of developing innovative methods for increased capacity and safety of the road network. This combines sensing technologies and local databases with real-time networking technologies.

The project is being conducted by FEHRL institutes together with partners from the ITS and research sector.

INTRO final workshop 29.02.2008

The Intelligent Roads (INTRO) final workshop within the Safe Highways of the Future Conference took place on the 13th of February in Brussels. There was a great level of interest in the conference. An archive of the live webcast from the conference is now available to view online. This will allow you to access the presentations and the slides. You will need to register to use the archive, but colleagues and others not at the conference are welcome to do so.

You can access the archive on:


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NMS competition to attend TRA2008 extended 27.02.2008

There are still 20 C type grants available for those participants from New Member States, Candidate Countries, Western Balkan Countries and European Neighborhood Policy Countries who wish to attend the TRA 2008 (see the results until February 22, 2008). Therefore, the competitions has been extended until March 10, 2008, noon (Central European Time).

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Competition for participants from NMS to attend TRA2008 extended! 04.02.2008

Competition for participants from New Member States, Candidate Countries, Western Balkan Countries and European Neighborhood Policy Countries to attend TRA 2008 has been extended until February 22, 2008, noon (Central European Time).

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CERTAIN to support Central and Eastern countries road research 15.09.2006

The EC funded CERTAIN Coordination Action kicked off on Friday 15 September.  Together with Commission Project Officer Herbert Thanner,  the Project Coordinator Ales Znidaric  (ZAG Ljubljana) reported that the project will make a significant contribution to the integration of researchers from Central and Eastern European countries into the established EU road infrastruture research as well as support implemenation and knowledge transfer.

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Heavy vehicle workshop 06 11.09.2006
Today,  FEHRL held a workshop on Heavy vehicle issues at its Brussels premises.  Approximately fifty European and international participants contributed to the active debates on the challenges and opportunities of heavy vehicles on Europe’s road networks.  Such important issues are reflected in FEHRL's  SERRP IV document and delegates worked hard to considered how the agreed programme of work could be achieved.
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